User Manual
If you have not found an answer to your question here, write to or in Telegram chat @fxmonitor_support
✅ Install FXmonitor
Installation process is very simple - follow the instructions:

1. Register on the website (by invitation link or without). A Key 🔑 will be sent to your mail to configure the FXmonitor Expert and Telegram-bot, and a password to Log in your Monitoring.

2. Download the FXmonitor Expert. Then open the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal, in the top menu select "File"> "Open Data Directory". Go to the MQL4 (or MQL5) > Experts folder and copy the Fxmonitor Expert file you downloaded into this folder.

3. Install the Expert. In the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal, add any free chart (which you or your robot does not trade). Right-click on the Experts tab (left) and select Update. The FXmonitor Expert should appear, double-click on it (or drag it onto the open chart).

4. Configure the Expert. In the "General" tab, check the box: ✅ Allow import of functions from DLL. In the "Input Settings" tab, insert 🔑 Key. If everything was done correctly, the FXmonitor will be displayed in green in the chart window, and Status will be displayed at the top: 200> OK

5. Configure FXmonitor notifications (optional). To do this, find the Telegram bot @fxmonitor_bot and send your 🔑 Key in the message.

To view the monitoring of your account(s)*, you must Login to your FXmonitor account using your email and password.

* To connect your other accounts, repeat steps 3 and 4 in each MetaTrader terminal using your 🔑 Key (you do not need to register a new one).
✅ Application for IOS and Android devices
For Android devices
Install FXmonitor App on Google Play Market

For IOS devices from Apple (iPhone, iPad)
Install FXmonitor Progressive Web App:
1. Open in Safari browser
2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the icon with a square and an up arrow "Share" (in the middle)
3. From the drop-down menu, select "Add to Home Screen" and click "Add"
❇️ How does FXmonitor work?
Monitoring includes several main modules:

1. FXmonitor Expert. Every 10 sec it collects data from the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal of the user and sends it to the FXmonitor server via a secure certificate connection. The amount of data sent depends on the number of open pairs and transactions. But usually the data size does not exceed a few kilobytes. Advisor takes an average of 12MB of RAM.

2. FXmonitor Server. It receives data from terminals, caches it (saves it in its memory) and gives it to users via their unique link as a web page that opens on any device (computer, tablet, phone).

3. FXmonitor Bot. Analyzes user data on the FXmonitor server and sends notifications of critical changes. For example, the bot will check if the FXmonitor server has not received anything for more than 6 minutes from the FXmonitor advisor, then a notification will be sent about the loss of communication with the terminal. Also, the bot is able to notify of critical levels of margin, total drawdown on the account and change in balance.
❌ Removing an account from monitoring?
1. Disable the FXmonitor Expert (to do this, close the pair with FXmonitor in the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal)

2. After 6-7 minutes (as the account turns red in monitoring) go to My Account > "Account Edit"

3. Click the "Delete" button next to the corresponding account.
🆘 Incorrect historical revenue
In the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal, in the "Account History" tab, right-click anywhere in the table and select "All History".

⚠️ Attention. If you have a weak VPS (Dedicated Server), then turning on the display of the entire history is not recommended. In this case, select a short period, for example, "Last month."

👉 To find out if your terminal has enough computer resources (VPS) and what actions can be taken to unload the system, see the article
ℹ️ Check load on MetaTrader.
🆘 No chart information displayed
Most often, this bug is a result of a lack of system resources for the MetaTrader program.

👉 To find out if your terminal has enough computer resources (VPS) and what actions can be taken to unload the system, see the article
ℹ️ Check load on MetaTrader.
🆘 Frequent notifications that the terminal is not available
This means that the FXmonitor advisor does not send data to the FXmonitor server for more than 6 minutes. Most often, this jumps when there is not enough system resources for MetaTrader and the FXmonitor script cannot be run every 10 seconds.

👉 To find out if your terminal has enough computer resources (VPS) and what actions can be taken to unload the system, see the article
ℹ️ Check load on MetaTrader.
ℹ️ Check load on MetaTrader
The correctness of the work of trading robots and monitoring FXmonitor directly depends on the operation of the MetaTrader terminal. Therefore, it is important to understand whether the terminal has enough computer resources (VPS) on which it is installed.

Everyone has different versions of MetaTrader (builds from different brokers), different currency pairs (which constantly update their quotes) may be available, everyone has a different number of open charts with different Expert Advisors and indicators. As a result, it turns out that the load on VPS resources is different for everyone, as well as different resource limits are provided by different VPS providers.

The FXmonitor Expert has a built-in module for measuring time in milliseconds, during which a script to collect and send data is executed. Based on these indicators, you can understand if the MetaTrader terminal has enough resources. For convenience, all labels and the name FXmonitor in the MetaTrader terminal are highlighted in different colors depending on the state:

📗 Green - everything is fine, there are enough resources, monitoring is working properly

📒 Yellow - monitoring works, but it is very difficult for him, due to a lack of VPS resources (it takes more than 500 ms to get an adviser and send data). Therefore, it may intermittently send data; as a result, monitoring may not work properly or often send notifications about the loss of communication with the terminal.

📕 Red - error updating data. An error is written at the top. Most often, this is an invalid or unspecified Fxmonitor key.

📓 Black and white is the Log mode (it is enabled in the advisor settings). In this mode, every moment of sending data is displayed and recorded in the log. The values of PT are written - this is the time in milliseconds that the Expert spent on collecting data and ST is the time it took to send the data. Indications are floating depending on the load on the MetaTrader. ☝️ Stable operation - PT and ST: up to 500 ms.

⏱ In addition, in the monitoring itself at the bottom of each account, next to the version of the FXmonitor advisor, the time in ms is indicated in brackets, during which the adviser collects and sends data to monitoring (PT+ST).

👉 If you installed the latest Expert update, and in your terminal FXmonitor is displayed mainly in yellow, I recommend:

1. Reboot the MetaTrader terminal
2. Optimize the load on MetaTrader (you can search on the Internet what methods exist)
3. Upgrade the VPS plan so that more resources are provided.
4. Distribute the terminals to different VPS and not keep more than two MetaTrader copies on the same server.
5. Change the VPS provider, for example, to the Forex-box

p.s. If it takes more than half a second to spend a small script FXmonitor (the code is ten times smaller than that of a trading adviser and installed only one pair), what indicators will trading advisors have? It's just that trading advisers don't tell you that it's not good ... FXmonitor has learned to glow yellow if it works wildly uncomfortably. But not the fact that the developers of trading advisers also pay attention to this. Therefore, it may well be that the trading adviser can and wants to open or close a deal, but he manages to do this only after a few tens of seconds or minutes ... Or maybe freezes ... Sometimes, such a delay can be expensive.
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